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For the development tools, there is an annual per developer fee, which includes product upgrades and support. For products built with enchrome, either a site-specific run-time license or an OEM license is required.


Applications built with enchrome can be deployed as an encrypted tamper-proof package, meaning an installed application cannot be changed or reverse-engineered.

In addition, a cryptographically signed license file is needed to run the application. The license can be bound to specific machines, IP subnets, DNS patterns, application names, date-ranges, number of users or any combinations thereof, giving the application developer the means to control where, how and when the application can be run.


We do as we teach!

In case you doubted it, this website is built with enchrome. All the content is contained in a structured XML file and selected pages are rendered using an XSLT stylesheet. The graphical headings are dynamically generated using the builtin image generation functionality of enchrome.