Oy Arrak Software Ab


Customized Solutions
Arrak Software designs and implements business software for select customers. We have solid experience of implementing additional functionality and various reporting solutions to existing systems, but also of creating custom, multiuser client/server applications.

Most of our applications are Internet-enabled, i.e. they are accessed through a web browser. In addition to Internet technologies and standards, we have strong technical competence in relational databases and using XML in data and application structure modeling.

Cunning Coders
Having been professional programmers since before the birth of the world wide web, our software developers also have fluent skills in coding C, C++, Perl, CGI, shell-scripts, SQL, etc. as well as configuring and maintaining Linux and Windows servers, networks, Apache-servers, proxies, mail-servers, firewalls, etc.



We have developed and continue to develop software for different business domains, for example:

  • transport logistics support systems
  • car fleet and mobile phone management and cost control for large corporations
  • time reporting, project and customer management and invoicing systems
  • business reporting and data extraction from ERP and other third-party systems

For securities companies:

  • portfolio transaction trend and segmentation analysis, statistics reporting
  • management of fund unit broker contracts, fee calculation and reporting